About the Jerk King

Meet Lincoln Nathan

Chef Linkz, the Jerk King, was born in Spanish Town Jamaica, and migrated to Queens, New York with his parents. It was in New York, cooking alongside his mother for family gatherings, church functions, festivals and community events that the Jerk King mastered the art of capturing the true flavors of Jamaica.

Chef Linkz began his journey on developing his own special recipe for jerk seasoning while catering for friends and family events. The word started to spread about the unique flavors of his three special seasonings- sweet and sour, honey bbq, and Spicy Jerk.

Catering events and participating in local community festivals, the Jerk King has made a name for himself in Delaware and New York. Make sure to stop by and have a taste if you see us at one of your local events or festivals. You won’t regret it!